It seems more complicated each day for a Republican who upholds Conservatism to navigate the landmines of our society. Morals and conservative values have shifted dramatically away in a progressive world camouflaged under the euphemistic idea of Social Justice. Unfortunately, this progressive undercurrent has dragged many Republican organizations away from truly conserving the original intent of the Republican Platform we have treasured. Almost every day, another story in the inner circles of the Conservative movement demonstrates this ongoing clash between the cultural and social views and Conservative values.

In the mind of a few, progressive political strategy has crippled conservative common sense by employing compromise. A “compromise” is an agreement requiring each side to make “concessions.”  In a nutshell, the art of compromise requires a give and take on the issues. A compromise could happen with many political issues to reach a common ground agreement, as may be the process that may address comprehensive immigration reform, for example. So what is the problem? Simply put, our failure lies in “conformity.”  Conformity happens when we start compromising essential issues we have conserved for millennia to appeal to and appease the surrounding progressive culture in the name of a mistaken compromise.

The strength of the conservative thought is to unite Republicans across our nation and protect them from political and cultural progressive thinking while bringing them close to the central Republican Platform. But it’s often the case that strength comes with a corresponding weakness. Today, many Republican strategists and those running for office, either by ignorance or conformity, do not regard the essential conservative values engrained in our Republican Platform. Nevertheless, upholding these conservative values will always be the honorable trait that distinguishes a Conservative from the progressive left movement – as wisely stated, “Just a little yeast leavens the whole batch,” so even the slightest detour from the Conservative truth will take you to the wrong destination.

Why are those who claimed Conservative values compromising?

A Fear of being “labeled” – many are compromising because they are worried about what their immediate community and perhaps their liberal county, district, or state may think of them. They don’t want to be considered a “bigot” by the left or the liberals within. Thus refusing to be different, as otherwise, they may stand out in the crowd. The quickest solution is a “compromise,” which gives birth to political syncretism—a betrayal of our Republican values.  

A Misguided attempt to be relevant – many who used to be conservative seek ways to connect with the culture by compromising Conservative values. There is a fear of isolation by speaking the truth of the Conservative values and rejecting the essentials of Conservatism as the right to life and the sanctity of marriage. Their misguided approach normalizes the far-left agenda in hopes of gaining popularity and acceptance while claiming to be Conservatives or Republicans. However, the Conservative message is always relevant. Thinking that compromise may lead to greater popularity or political power is a false narrative disproven by strong conservatives like Mayra Flores of Texas, who, with her conservative message of God, Family, and Country, conquered the hearts of a Democrat district for 150 years.

How do we counter?

Countering culture means engaging the left’s liberal social arguments with conviction. We stand firmly on the truth of God, Family, and Country to extend the love of our American Citizens. Our desire isn’t just to win votes but to conquer others by what we represent as a different ticket, not a rehashed lie already fed by the left. What we do, how we do it, and why we do it matters!

The heart of every Conservative should burn with the desire to convince other Hispanics that the essential values we grew up being taught matter. But unfortunately, a destructive force of compromise is infecting our ranks, ultimately destroying our children, communities, and nation. We can no longer sit back and remain silent while God isn’t glorified; we compromise our family and lead others in our Country to the left’s self-destruction. We must earnestly stand for our Conservative values in the midst of our present culture. “The truth hurts, but silence kills,” Mark Twain.