Once again, the RNHA-NY Reinforces and Reaches Westchester County

New York, in a State of Life Support

New York, in a State of Life Support

“Together We Can Save New York” was the motto for the Town Hall Meeting for Candidate
Lee Zeldin running for Governor of New York State. It took place this past Thursday on 145th
Street and Broadway Avenue, in the crossroads between Harlem – Hamilton Heights and
Washington Heights is another boot to the theory that Republicans are out of reach with
minority communities. As you first walked into the room, you could not pass noticing a powerful
and distinguished guest dressed in a fine cowboy hat, the notorious Conservative Democrat
Ruben Diaz Sr., that alone should spark concerns in the Kathy Hochul Campaign since he is a
former City Councilman and Senator of N.Y. The cheers were loud, and you could feel the
affirmations for Congressman and Army Veteran Lee Zeldin.

The topic that made headlines was Crime and Safety, Education, and Covid Mandates. “As a
Governor of New York, I totally oppose all covid vaccination mandates on anyone for any
the reason, or for employment, nobody should be fired,” stated Candidate Lee Zeldin, it was
received with shouts and a standing ovation.

On another hot issue was former NYPD Deputy Inspector Alison Esposito, the first openly gay
candidate of the Republican Party, aiming to become a win for Lee Zeldin as Lieutenant
Governor. If that were not a challenge, we could all remember Reverend Diaz, making
headlines for his stance on traditional marriage, however; he bravely supports the Zeldin /
Esposito ticket. The event was quite eye-opening; nonetheless, the shouts of enthusiasm and
hope for solutions and change in a city that is in deep despair showed unity in the list of

The outrageous increase in crime and the feeling of anarchy taking over our has been felt as in
the recent tragedy of Emergency Medical Service Lieutenant Alison Russo-Elling, a 24-year-veteran
of the FDNY who was recently stabbed and killed, to the continuous attacks and murders of Police
Officers, sparking a fiery of fires and reactions that have led 34 Law Enforcement Organizations
to endorse Candidate Lee Zeldin. Moreso, the overall crime on the City’s subway system is up
more than 41% compared to last year, and many are criticizing Mayor Eric Adams for his
frequent party events and nocturnal lifestyle saying that he is not investing enough energy in
what matters most. However, some believe Adams being a former police officer, should be
given more time to prove what he campaigned on.

We are all in expectancy of how the drama will end, but we can all agree that we must find the
the solution to keep New York off the ventilator, it can’t continue to be on life support with many
of our leaders who seem to be working their strategies as a game of chess, where the objective in

the game is to checkmate the opponent’s king and be the winner, whereby the king is under
and interim attack, and there is no way for it to escape New Yorkers are certainly in fear, and
that is how New Yorkers perceive the end game to continue unless there is an immediate
the shift in our City. We can see a shift among the recent polls, and Lee Zeldin has gone up 23 points
in the interactive polls. (D) Kathy Hochul is at 46% (2), and (R) Lee Zeldin is at 44%. This far fetch
the notion, as some have claimed, is now a challenging reality, and hope for a win on the November
8, elections.